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Clay Pigeon Shoot Safety Recommendations


  • Check the location of the nearest Medical Aid Centre, Phone, Doctor or Medical Bureau.

  • Provide the following for Trappers: Helmet, Safety Glasses, Leather Gloves and a Red Flag.

  • Trap Houses should be constructed of any of the following:

      i)     Steel 4mm and straw bales.
      ii)    Timber of 4 inch thickness.
      iii)   Concrete

  • Trap Houses should be clean and safe and Trap Operators should be adequately instructed in the use of traps.

  • Only one person should be in a Trap House when the trap is operational. Traps, when not in use, should be immobilised.

  • Under no circumstances should children be allowed near a trap.

  • Check the direction of clays and adjust if necessary.

  • Check that the saftey distance is not less than 300 metres.

  • Check that the rights of way are not inside the danger area.

  • Ensure that there are no livestock inside the danger area.

  • Ensure that a Safety Barrier is provided for spectators.

  • Ammunition, of different calibres, should be strictly controlled.

  • The guidance of the County Safety Officer shoul be sought on matters not referred to herein.

  • Clean up the site when the event has concluded. This is the responsibility of the Organising Committee.